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Dongguan ZhiGao building materials co., LTD is an industrial company integrating science, industry and trade. Concentrate production and sales series of lighting materials and other building materials. Main production: FRP daylighting tile, FRP car plywood, ASA synthetic resin glazed tile, PC endurance board, sun board. Purpose involves a variety of industries, such as: home greenhouse, advertising, light boxes, architectural lighting, sound insulation and highway noise barriers, greenhouses, station and so on. Our sincere will let you get satisfactory service. In the coming days, we will meet your trust with our good faith...



DATE. 2016-9-13 9/13

Daylighting tile sunshine house is the fashion trend of modern life?

Nowadays more and more people are pursuing fashion life. Villa building is unique. Many people use their own villas to build light tiles. But the design is a big problem for them. The parameters of the shingling tile sun room are a..

DATE. 2016-9-13 9/13

The product characteristics of the shearer

The lighting tile products produced by the lighting tile equipment are widely used in building electrical appliances and transportation and other industries. For the construction industry, it is mainly used for roof walls and doors of indus..

DATE. 2016-9-13 9/13

Advantages of lighting tiles compared to traditional tiles

With the development of modern architecture to high quality and high grade, its functional requirements are constantly improved. The traditional roofing materials can not meet the requirements of the development of the construction industry..

DATE. 2016-9-13 9/13

Ten characteristics of the fireproof decorative board

The fireproof decorative plate is based on the inorganic non combustible composite plate. After the surface thickness of the plate is normalized, the flame-retardant finishing material is used, the paper surface, the plastic surface, the..

DATE. 2016-8-24 8/24

Exterior insulation technology of building exterior wall and building energy saving

At present, building energy conservation is the trend of the times. In the building wall insulation, our country has invested considerable manpower, financial and material resources in building energy conservation, and has made certain achi..

DATE. 2016-5-31 5/31

Resin tile enterprises need to pay attention to technology level to enhance competitiveness.

Nowadays, the market competition of resin tile industry has become an indisputable fact. Many enterprises are faced with such difficulties in this market environment. For resin tile enterprises, in today's fierce market competition, enterpr..