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Advantages of lighting tiles compared to traditional tiles
With the development of modern architecture to high quality and high grade, its functional requirements are constantly improved. The traditional roofing materials can not meet the requirements of the development of the construction industry, and various new materials have come into being. According to the development trend of international building materials, roofing materials are developing in the direction of light weight, beauty, environmental protection, waterproof, fire prevention, sound insulation and heat insulation. Asbestos tile not only contains carcinogenic components, but also is forbidden to use because of short service life, perishable pollution and so on. Cement tile has the disadvantages of complex construction, heavy structure, water absorption and water seepage, and it is difficult to solve the problems of high cost, short service life, sound insulation and heat insulation, and rust and rust. Light steel color glazed tile completely overcomes many disadvantages of traditional roofing materials, and is especially suitable for rainy and humid climate countries in Southeast Asia.