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The product characteristics of the shearer
The lighting tile products produced by the lighting tile equipment are widely used in building electrical appliances and transportation and other industries. For the construction industry, it is mainly used for roof walls and doors of industrial and commercial buildings such as steel structures, airports, storehouses and freezing. Good insulation and fireproof properties of material rock wool, so rock wool lighting plate is also a very popular fireproof building material. Rock wool is a kind of natural basalt as the main raw material, after high temperature melting, made of artificial inorganic fiber by high speed centrifugal equipment, adding special bonding agent and dust oil, and then solidified by heating. Rock wool lighting plate has the advantages of light weight, good sound insulation, sound absorption and sealing performance, convenient construction, short cycle, low comprehensive cost, bending resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and so on. The color and lustre is bright and without surface decoration. The installation is flexible and fast, and the construction period can be shortened 40%.