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Daylighting tile sunshine house is the fashion trend of modern life?

Nowadays more and more people are pursuing fashion life. Villa building is unique. Many people use their own villas to build light tiles. But the design is a big problem for them.

The parameters of the shingling tile sun room are as follows:

Composition: steel structure + sunlight Top + doors and windows + ventilation system

Structure: high strength carbon steel, high strength aluminum alloy and solid wood.

The sun top: tempered glass, hollow glass, laminated glass insulation. Lighting tile Tegola.

Shape: flat top, pointed top, oblique top, arc top, herringbone top.

Windows: plastic steel doors and windows, Yunnan aluminum wood doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, wood clad wood doors and windows, wooden doors and windows.

Ventilation system: intelligent breathing window, electric skylight and manual skylight.

Sunshine house, sunshine house, a picturesque landscape in modern city.